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At Crawford Christian Academy we aim to have strong academics focusing on college preparation.  Our reading is phonics based in the elementary school giving our students tools to learn how to read anything.  Our high school program seamlessly blends together grammar and literature. We have advanced mathematics in the elementary levels in addition to a variety of math classes and honors math classes in the high school level.  We find that every student is capable of much more than they might imagine and we delight to guide them towards being life long learners.

Whatever the subject area, we aim to create healthy learning environments for our students and provide the best education we can for whatever your individual child might need.  Our small class sizes allow for intentional focus from each teacher for every student in order for our student body to love learning and delighting in God’s creation.

Student Handbook

The  student handbook is your guide to CCA’s academic guidelines, philosophy and mission, and the most up-to-date school policies.

CCA Chargers

Character & Excellence

Athletics at CCA are an integrated part of our discipleship model of becoming more like Christ and leading others in that same way. A significant number of our teams are coached by alumni.

Our teams focus on loving God, loving others through teamwork and a being a Christian example on the court or in the field through excellence in the sport and in character.